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NEVER TRUST BIOGRAPHIES, ( Katalogtext, Deutsch / English)
Ausstellung im Hochbunker Kultur Köln 30, Köln-Ehrenfeld, 1999 

EXOrienteLUX, Reflektive Installationen an drei Orten in Köln, Hotel Chelsea, Moltkerei Werkstatt, Galerie Kultur Köln 30, 2002 Biografie A. Morein

Recent Work (Text: Andrea Morein)

In my light-objects, I am interested in the merging of
the scriptural and the sculptural. The objects are often
lit from behind or below .The light-fields in relation to
the scriptural surfaces appear like membranes or reflec-
tive volumes. The hand-writing is somewhat obsessive
and <inscribes> the visual meaning, often beyond the
literal content. I call these works gestural.

In my recent installation-work, I have created situations
relating to the specific site or used elements of that site.
Recovering disowned materials and displaying them
preciously is one theme in the installations. In other
works, I use reflective and crystaline surfaces, e.g.
glass(splinters) and mirrors, as well as light. I see these
works as reflective.

In my media installations, I mainly use multi-channell
videos. Generally they are made for a specific location
(e.g. Hochbunker, Miquwe). However, this does not im-
ply that they cannot be shown in other contexts.
I regard these works as painterly .
The Word and the Light (the illuminated body) are
ancient concepts of transmitted knowledge. My interest
is to process these concepts in a contemporary way.